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Forward Motion Recoveryis an intensive outpatient w/ lodging treatment facility operating in the Twin Cities of Minnesota serving the surrounding 7 county regions for people seeking recovery from co-occurring substance disorders. The program offers ongoing peer supportive services and housing for individuals who may have recently undergone residential treatment for MI/SUD or those who have been incarcerated for low-level victimless crimes due to behavioral issues associated with drug use and abuse. We provide a conducive environment for recovery and a structured curriculum over a 90 to 120-day period that accords clients with skills to manage issues related to substance abuse, trauma recovery, and mental health issues. We also provide referral to ongoing mental and physical healthcare services providers including medication assisted therapy. Our therapeutic interventions also aim to reduce the harmful effects of substance use. We mainly offer outpatient treatment serving individuals without housing or those with challenging criminal history. Our safe lodgings with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, home phones, and other amenities. We also provide snacks during treatment days and provide clothing for those in need. Admission is immediate, with no need for a deposit or prior arrangements to get accommodation. So contact us today for progressive, compassionate, and professional care aimed at promoting individuals’ mental, physical, and emotional well-being!

Ivan Nelson BS, LADC

CPPHe attained his Bachelors of Science at Metropolitan State University in 2016. He acquired 2021 certification to facilitate Driving With Care 1-2 &Therapy. A Prevention Professional since 2018 with Minnesota Certification Board. Ivan is a trained Thinking For Change cognitive skills group facilitator since 2014 with Federal Bureau of Prisons. He has worked in the non-profit sector for many years providing counseling and intensive case management services for single adults and families impacted by chronic homelessness, mental illness and substance use disorders. He is a proponent of Seeking Safety, an evidenced based, present-focused counseling model to help people attain safety from trauma, PTSD and Substance Use Disorders. He feels a deep appreciation for every opportunity to engage the clients he serves with dignity and respect, believing – perhaps the only gratification that can come from suffering is to learn from it and try to transform it into something that can help others.


Our mission atForward Motion Recoveryis to provide culturally relevant individualized care from co-occurring disorders, which include substance abuse, unaddressed mental and behavioral health issues, with the ongoing support, appropriate environment, and professional services they need to facilitate their reintegration into the community and transform them into productive members of society.


Our vision is to be a highly regarded institution, contributing to positive growth and developmentof communities by providing quality, comprehensive, accessible, and patient-centered health andgeneral care to persons seeking positive change



The whole person is our first and most important priority. We work tirelessly to understand their needs and deliver the best care that ensures their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


At Forward Motion Recovery, we believe in coming along-side everyone in overcoming issues they face by demonstrating compassion. This involves listening to understand the clients’ pain, challenges with empathy, which is appropriate channeling pain and responding appropriately by developing and implementing clinical interventionsthat help to minimize suffering.


We acknowledge the sensitivity of the issues that our clients struggle with and the importance of effective interventions. As such, the program only employs highly skilled staff and has a curriculum in place to guide its interventions and ensure we not only treat and address individual issues, but also extend preventative methods that may reduce recidivism.


We are committed to a person first approach, helping them overcome their disorders in a secure environment, and protecting their personal information, and we work diligently to ensure we maintain client confidentiality as applicable by law.

Team Work

We utilize a “village approach”, and we encourage our staff to work together while also involving the client and their families to make sure that our programs are satisfactory, beneficial, and effective.


We are constantly researching the effectiveness of our treatment modalitiesand implementing changes where necessary to ensure they remain culturally relevant, beneficial to our patients.


Our interventions are designed to uphold the patients’ rights and protect their dignity. We also have mechanisms in place through which those who feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with the care we provide can forward their complaints and contribute to theimprovement of our programs.